Hollywood Highlife

6:18 PM – 07 August, 2009

Ever since I relocated to LA, I’ve dreamed of being invited to a Hollywood party. I’m also a believer in the theory that when you release positive things into the Universe, they manifest right before your eyes. My manifestation came early this week for a celeb-studded event to tribute Frankie Beverly.

Now if you know me, you’ll know that Frankie Beverly is SO far beyond my generation. But thanks to some old-fashioned music nurturing at home, I am familiar with the artist.

I arrived there as spiffy as I know how only to encounter the very “mature” party-goers. Can’t say I didn’t expect that. But what I really didn’t expect was to encounter so many famous people who actually were ‘just like us’. They mingled, danced, and sipped drinks just like everyone else.

All in all, the experience taught me two things: no matter how successful you are in life and regardless of the amount of money you make, you still want to have a great night on the town that doesn’t end up on front pages at the news stand. Two, watch whose toes you might be stepping on while gettin’ jiggy with it! You never know…

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