Ones We Can Depend On

11:46 AM – 29 August, 2009

Most people know how easy it is to network in just about any city. I found that, when I arrived in LA, the process became increasingly easier since just about everyone is passing out cards, flyers, etc. But recently I took notice of my “networking overload.”

I have more than 100 business cards that I’ve collected from individuals & their start-up companies, over 1,000 ‘friends’ on Facebook, and more anonymous entries in my cell phone address book than I can count.

Well a friend invited me to a farewell gathering at a local club. He noted on the invitation that only a few close friends would be in attendance. Once I got over the enthusiasm of being considered a close friend, I took a good look around the place. Out of the thousands of people my friend may have known, here I was sitting with about a dozen of them. That’s it? Less than 20 buddies?

At that moment I realized my habit of hoarding associates & contacts. I consider my party-host-friend to be very social, but if he can weed through his Rolodex, so could I. It also taught me how to recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to networking.

And incase you’re confused, if you get invited to a “networking” event at someone’s home and it’s after midnight, chances are…it’s NOT networking.

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