Why We Need Awards Shows on BET

Alright, so, if you were bored at some point in the past few days, you probably caught a glimpse of the 2012 BET Awards. Or if you’re on Twitter, the posts clouded your homepage. And Facebook. And basically all of the social media you subscribe to. Anyhoo–year after year, I’m disappointed by the pure ratchetness that is BET and all that it stands for. But it in all fairness, we need things like Hip Hop Honors, Soul Train Awards, Essence Awards, NAACP Awards…you get the point…for our culture to thrive. How so, you ask?

1) New artists/rappers/randoms would go un-noticed: Be honest~did you know who Meek Mill was before his alleged involvement in the Drake & Chris Brown brawl? Right. He graced (I use the term lightly due to his baggy jeans) the red carpet, was nominated in the Best New Artist category, and basically coasted through the whole show without us giving a f–k. But thanks to BET, we all know who he is. Now he can continue to make music songs. Oh, and also the female rappers besides Nicki & Trina can get a shout out in their category. 

2) Tributes to those who’ve passed: Is it me or has 2012 brought some of the most tragic deaths at one time? Leave it to BET to pay these Afro-Americans some sort of respect (that tribute they did to MJ at the Awards was a joke, so it doesn’t count) that other networks probably wouldn’t do. 

3) Tributes to mf–rs who we forgot existed: Ok, so duh, Al Sharpton & Frankie Beverly ft. Maze are some of the “baddest mf–rs of all time,” and we would never truly forget them. But come on, is 2012 really the year they need an honor? I just went to an event in Hollywood a few years ago & guess who we  paid tribute to? Frankie Beverly ft. Maze. And since Rodney King, Sean Bell, and Trayvon Martin happened, we all know Al Sharpton is the voice of Blacks. You get the point.

4) So Chris Brown can continue to redeem himself: I don’t know why, but BET just loves to show how wonderfully talented, great, etc. CB is. He “showed out” at their [weak] MJ tribute, he’s the premiere episode on ‘Defining Moments’, blah blah blah. BET is the god of second chances. CB is on #6 at least.

5) For praises to Jesus: Nobody is more faithful to God that Black people. That’s the only explanation for the several Black churches throughout urban America. And no other deity (except Tyler Perry or Jay-Z) gets shout-outs like Jesus. So we have to thank BET for keeping us grounded in what matters, like a Yolanda Adams performance following Rick Ross’ spectacle. 

Those are my thoughts, peeps. What did you think of the BET ’12 Awards?



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  1. lcooksmarketer1
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 07:26:27

    Haha! Great post. I didn’t get the chance to watch the awards (No cable) but have, like you said, caught snippets of the highlights via social media. I think the awards play an important role and as long as viewers continue to tune in, it will remain a cornerstone (ugh) of American Black culture for years to come.


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