It’s All Love

3:20 PM – 06 August, 2009

I was just tuning in to the Oprah Winfrey Show (I mean, who doesn’t), and I was touched by today’s topic. A prominent Hollywood actress was on there promoting her blog/site (listed above) that helps in a very unique way.

There’s a program that provides consolation to prisoners, and then benefits wounded soldiers. How? I’m glad you asked!

The men behind bars are given 8-week old puppies to train. They are disciplined to be assitants for handicapped individuals, hence wounded soldiers. Now get this: the actress on Oprah was promoting a chew toy for these puppies. It’s made from the sole of the combat boots the wounded soldiers wore in battle. Of course, I’m unsure as to whether it’s the ACTUAL boot, but hey. It’s an item for sale, and it benefits a terrific cause.

It makes you wonder who’s idea THAT was?!


What do you have to say about it?

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